CityGML provides an extension mechanism called Application Domain Extension (ADE). When using this mechanism, extensions are determined by ADE rules.
The Application Domain Extension (ADE) is a built in mechanism of CityGML to augment its data model with additional concepts required by particular use cases, and many ADEs have been developed for various fields. For example, CityGML Utility Network ADE from the Technical University of Munich provides a means to represent supply and disposal infrastructure through CityGML.
The concept of “i Urban Renovation” can be applied in various countries and cities facing urban challenges. Therefore, the general purpose data specification of the “i Urban Renovation Data” encoding specifications is meant to be applied not only in Japan but also in other countries. This general purpose data specification is called the “Data Encoding Specification of i Urban Renovation and Planning Urban Planning ADE.”
In this Ideathon, we will share knowledge with staff from local government, and discuss expanding the applications of CityGML and Urban Planning ADE in Japan, as well as the demand for updated versions in the future.